Guide To Clean Tires

Most tires, especially those on a new vehicle, get dirty very quickly. Whether it’s road debris, bad weather, or brake dust, it seems as if the environment around your car is constantly conspiring to turn your wheels black! Luckily it is very simple to clean your tires. Follow this guide to ensure that your tires remain free of dirt and debris that could affect their performance.

Wash your tires and wheels first. When washing your vehicle, start at the tires first. If you end up cleaning the car body itself first, grime and dirt from the wheels will likely spray onto the clean car when you move to the tires. To wash your tires, a simple soap and water mixture usually does the trick. Wet the surface of the tire thoroughly, then use a stiff brush to scrub the tires with the soapy mixture. Be careful not to scrub the actual wheel with the stiff brush, as this may result in unsightly scratching.

Use special cleaner depending on the type of wheels you have. Painted or anodized wheels should not be subjected to the same potent cleansers as roughcast aluminum and chrome wheels. Make sure to select a wheel cleaner that is appropriate for the wheels on your vehicle! If you’re unsure, ask a service representative at your local auto care store or go with a mild cleaner that is safe on all surfaces. Again, a tire wheel brush will help to remove the stubborn bits of debris and brake dust that have worked their way into small crevices.

Rinse tires and wheels thoroughly. Before moving on to the next tire, it’s important to thoroughly rinse the one you just finished with a strong jet of water. Remove all cleansing products and soaps so they do not harden on the surface of the wheel/tire and make your hard work pointless!

Dry wheels with a microfiber cloth. Drying your wheels with a soft cloth helps to get rid of any remaining grime and also helps to prevent water spots. It’s a good idea to dedicate one cloth for wheel drying only. You don’t want to be rubbing brake dust on your car body when drying it.

Apply any other tire care products you prefer. There are tons of other tire care products out there, including sprays and waxes that will really help your tires and wheels shine. You can use whichever ones you like, just remember to carefully follow the manufacturer’s directions.