Information About Buying New Tires

Unfortunately, if you own a vehicle, there will inevitably come a time when you will need to buy new tires. In fact, it is possible that you will need to replace your tires several times because of unforeseen circumstances or just simple wear and tear. So how do you know when you need new tires? Well there are different factors that determine this, and there a few things you need to know before buying any new tires.  More information: custom wheels San Antonio

The life of tires depend on several factors, including the type of tire, the type of vehicle in which they are used, personal driving style and habits, and road and weather conditions. All of these element affect the tire’s treads one way or another. When the treads get low, then it’s time to replace your tires. In fact, federal law states that a tire’s tread depth measuring 2/32 inch has to be replaced. You may want to even replace your tires sooner if you routinely drive in rough weather or road conditions. The best way of staying on top of the condition of your tires is by inspecting them once a month. Before you go buy new tires, determine the tire type and size according to the car owner’s manual. You will see this information as a series of letters and numbers. For example, you may see something like “P205/55R16 94V”. P stands for passenger car. 205 stands for the measurement in millimeters for the cross section width of the tire. 55 is the ratio of the tire’s sidewall height to the cross section width. R stands for radial tire. 16 is the measurement in inches of the wheel diameter. 94 is the maximum load capacity. V is 149 mph-the maximum speed possible with the tire being able to maintain its grip on the road.